“Menuju Senja” with Payung Teduh Report & Photos

April 26, 2012

Sunday, 1st of April 2012, Aksara Bookstore Kemang was totally packed with the crowd of people. Payung Teduh, Depok based band, consists of Is (voc), Comi (contra bass), Ivan (guitalele), dan Cito (drum, cajon) released their 2nd album “Menuju Senja” an Intimate Afternoon With Payung Teduh. Album “Dunia Batas” released under IVY League Music by Mondo Gascaro of SORE and Sarah Glandosch. This album is should be released in November 2011, but postponed in order to push the quality to the high end.

In conjunction with this event, IVY League Music was also launching www.ivyleaguemusic.com, continued with video screening of Waterpig’s “Tidurlah” which took place at Kebayoran Lama’s traditional market. Inspiring!

Docs: Ivy League Music.