Meet The Denim Expert: Tilmann Wröbel

April 18, 2014

Geeks Bible was so lucky, as Lee Cooper invited us to have an intimate discussion with Tilmann Wröbel, a Franco-German Fashion Designer born in 1964 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

He is now working and living in Paris. He was on his travelling trip around the world for Lee Cooper and to making sure that Lee Cooper have the most relevant, the most beautiful looking denim on around the world and being recognize as The British denim brand.  Here you go!

As we know that you’ve been worked with so many big fashion brand in all over the world besides denim. What’s behind your decision to dedicating yourself now as the denim expert? I think denim is a really special fabrication. It’s really different from other fabrication because the actual color from the indigo plant wiped onto fabric, the indigo pigment, the blue  will never be exactly the same. When you have the raw, the dry denim fabrication, the blue will change day by day through the contact with the air, the more or the longer you keep your denim dry and just being at the air, the more blue it will become. It’s really the thing you don’t expecting to be. This fabric more life than other fabrication.

It’s is hard for you to transitioning yourself from high fashion then to denim? It’s not a such big transition, as long as you have passion on what you’re doing, designing and creating, it doesn’t really matter, when the idea become a design and design become a reality and the people will be happy to wear it.

What do you think of denim industry nowadays? Denim as an item now have become identity to the person who wear it.

Have you had your own fun fact about denim? When you wear a dry denim and after you wear it for a long time, it will become the mirror of yourself.

Indonesia as an emerging market that own community and it’s pretty huge as you may have heard about “Darahku Biru”, what is your own opinion about the denim market in here? When am travelling worldwide, all the people always talking about Japan, Japan and Japanese denim. When I found on the internet, when I see the people on web, I really find that except from some American, some European, some of Japanese there’s are really strong Indonesia denim community with people really in fashion, people who sent me images, it’s funny to get some from Europe and there’s Indonesia as well which absolutely don’t know but I may say Indonesia have the same passion and very interesting country with strong identity and am always surprise on how many people that actually into denim.

Geeks Bible most favorite quote from the intimate discussion with Tilmann Wröbel as it is, “What I like is actually go to the market, to see how people dress up, work with local designer on bring the solution of how we can help the people”